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"Gardeners never have to listen to weather forecasts - they know that as soon as they start work in the garden, it will rain."

J B Landscaping - Gardeners never have to listen to the weather forecasts... they know as soon as they start work in the garden it will rain

We are supporting Help for Heroes

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J B Landscaping is proud to be supporting Help for Heroes (H4H) which was founded by Bryn and Emma Parry after a profoundly moving visit to Selly Oak Hospital in the summer of 2007. Bryn and Emma met some extraordinarily brave young men who had been badly wounded and they just wanted to do something to help.

The charity was launched in October 2007 and, with the backing and support of celebrities, including Jeremy and Francie Clarkson, the Royal Family, the media and countless ordinary decent people, it has raised over £1m a month since then.

Help for Heroes is strictly non-political. We have no affiliation with any political party and we do not endorse the use of our name for the promotion of any political viewpoint. The money that we raise at Help for Heroes is used to support wounded Servicemen and women of every colour and creed and we strongly oppose any individual or political party who believes otherwise, and those who seek to use the charity’s name for their own political gain.

The message is simple: H4H does not seek to criticise or be political, we simply want to help and to do so by asking everyone to do their bit to raise money. Once that money is raised, we go to the experts in the Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force for guidance as to how best to spend it. It is our intention to spend all we raise on the practical, direct support of those wounded in the service of our country since 9/11.
We give capped grants to those charities and groups best able to provide the facilities and services we want our men and women to have. We do not deliver individual benevolence, as that is the work of existing Service Charities which we work very closely with.

When we began, we wanted to ensure that we would be as efficient as possible so our policy is money in and money out. We are not trying to build large reserves, we want your money to be used and quickly. We have either spent or allocated £54m to date on facilities and services. We can spend all we get, so don't stop!

We set up H4H Trading to sell products and the profits from these sales mean that we can cover all of our operating costs and donate the extra to the charity, so rest assured, all fundraising money and more goes to the cause…. and that is better than any other charity we know of.

We are working hard to raise more money and we are passionate about what we are doing. It is needed, it is appreciated and we are making a real difference to the lives of some extraordinary young men and women. Please join us in helping our Heroes.

Thank you

The Help for Heroes Team



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