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Weed Control

When a new hedge has been planted, it is best to place mulch on them, we can supply this.  Although mulch will help retain the moisture and weeds, weeds will eventually come.  We can weed by hand or if appropriate treat with weed control by a licensed operator.  Why not contact us if your in need of help.


James Brown of JB Landscaping has been carrying out regular garden maintenance, seasonal visits and one off visits at our managed rental properties over the past three years.  We have found him to be a very reliable, conscientious and tidy worker.   During this time we have received verbal and written compliments from our Landlords and Tenants, including this extract from a recently received email:  "James Brown did a good job in the garden - wow he works hard - very impressed with him!"

We are happy to recommend his services but must advise that we are unable to accept any liability arising for the comments contained within this reference.

Lynda Shunn   MARLA
Senior Property Manager
For Davis Tate Limited

J B Landscaping - Gardeners never have to listen to the weather forecasts... they know as soon as they start work in the garden it will rain

Hedge Cutting


Hedge trimmed, Sulham, Berkshire


There are many types of hedges to be found in gardens and the countryside. A hedge is usually created from a row of closely planted specimens.
When trained in size by regular care can make your garden look attractive and can also be of benefit to the wildlife.



We can supply many types of plants and trees, use the link below to contact us.  Hedges can be used for a wide variety of reasons, before selecting your plants you must decide why you are planting your hedge.
This will then dictate what choice of specimens you can plant.

 Large hedge trimmed, Chieveley, Berkshire

  • Boundaries
  • Dividers and Backdrops
  • Flowering
  • Fruiting
  • Leaves and Stems
  • Ornamental
  • Screens
  • Security
  • Shelter


It’s not only the preparation and planting that will determine whether your hedge is a success but also the aftercare with, watering, mulching and pruning/training. 












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