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Ground maintenance

We at JB Landscaping carry out 'one off', weekly, fortnightly and monthly ground maintenance visits to many clients.  So if you need to play golf or just too busy, why not contact us.


James has proved to be extremely capable and reliable.  I would have no hesitation in reccomending him to any potential client.

- Mr. G. Campbell CBE   

J B Landscaping - Gardeners never have to listen to the weather forecasts... they know as soon as they start work in the garden it will rain

Grass Cutting & Lawn Care

48Grass Cutting

Generally the lawn growing season in Britain is between March and October, but with the unusual weather we have been receiving in the past few years this is altering from year to year.(February-November)
Over the summer months this service is much in demand so make sure you book early to avoid disapointment.






 A typical lawn is usually in need of renovation, moss, weeds, thin and bare patches. 
To obtain any sort of reasonable quality looking lawn, regular maintenance work is required. There is no quick fix with this process,
usually between one to three years. 
A number of processes are required to obtain a quality lawn. 






Lawn that has been cut using 21

There are a number of reasons for carrying out aeration on a lawn. 
To allow air, oxygen carbon dioxide exchange around the roots.  
Relieve compaction, Improve drainage
Aid the application of top-dressing, fertilisers etc.  
Helps the breakdown of thatch. 
Reduces potential for diseases to take hold. 
Aids overall health, growth, rooting & aesthetics




During the growing season your lawn will become untidy on the edges and will slowly encroach into the border.  Where the lawn meets the borders hand shears or a strimmer don't get the same neat finish as a half moon edger.  Unlike a digging spade a half moon has a straight blade which gives the clean cut finish.  


Scarification is carried out for a number of reasons. 
Removes & controls thatch. 
Controls weeds, moss, clover etc 
Improves water penetration 
Improves airflow around the grass reducing risk of diseases. 
Improves incorporation of fertilisers, top-dressing etc. 


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